Concrete Waves

Concrete Waves


F51 is much more than either skatepark or engineering feat. Set in one of the town’s most deprived wards, it offers a membership for just a pound a month, and serves as a one-stop shop for the most extraordinary set of social services,

its mission to give the young of Folkstone a place they can call their own, and where permission to take risks, to wonder, to have enormous fun, and to actively achieve results in that most natural states of being

A hugely happy childhood.

Guy Hollaway

F51 has transformed a former derelict bingo hall and night club in to the wolds first multi-storey skate park.
F51’s presence has resulted in a spectacular a concrete wave rising up in to the skyline above Folkestone’s Creative Qurter.

Stage one of the concrete bowl construction was to piece together the CNC cut foam moulds and cast the structural concrete. One set this formed a suspended concrete bowl that also functions as the first floor first the skate park.

Before and after images of structural cast concrete with in the foam moulds.

Maverick Skate Parks were the next specialist contractor to help form the concrete bowls.

Maverick’s expertise and craftsmanship helped refine the rough form of the structural concrete by creating beautiful transitions within the bowls and the perfect skateable top surface.

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